laglacebeauty - 一次性浴巾毛巾套裝 {印花款}- 便攜即棄浴巾毛巾洗面巾 / C8045-DBTFS Disposable Bath Towel + Face Towel Set {Printed Type}



C8045-DBTFS 一次性浴巾毛巾套裝 {印花款}- 便攜即棄浴巾毛巾洗面巾 乾濕两用不易破 升級加厚設計, 秒吸水, 輕鬆擦乾殘留水份 帶來更舒適的擦拭感 3D立體珍珠紋 時尚印花親膚柔韌, 為生活增添色彩 材質: 植物纖維 AB 雙面設計 清潔又護膚 A面立體珍珠紋: 有效增加摩擦, 潔面更出色 B面絲滑: 親膚細膩呵護肌膚 套裝包括: 浴巾70*130 CM* 1條 (大約) 毛巾30*60CM *1條 (大約) 不可退貨 產地: 中國 便攜即棄浴巾毛巾 洗面巾 戶外旅行浴巾毛巾 酒店浴巾毛巾 旅行出差 海灘旅行 C8045-DBTFS Disposable Bath Towel + Face Towel Set {Printed Type} Wet and dry dual use is not easy to break Upgraded thicker design, absorbs water in seconds, easily wipes off residual moisture, and brings a more comfortable wiping feeling Material: plant fibre Portable disposable bath towel face wash towels outdoor travel bath towel hotel bath towel travel business trip beach trip AB double-sided design for cleansing and skin care 3D pearl pattern on A side: Effectively increase friction and clean the face better Silky side B: Skin-friendly and delicate to care for the skin Non-returnable Origin : China Caution Keep out the reach of children. For external use only Store it in a cool place. Product picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product.