laglacebeauty - 三文魚全方位完美修護頸膜 8片裝 C603119 / laglacebeauty - Salmon roe TouteBeaute Neck Treatment Mask 8 sheet Mask



C603119 三文魚全方位完美修護頸膜 - 8片裝 產品簡介 幫助預防光老化,防止皮膚乾燥;減少皺紋,抗發炎,促進彈性蛋白和膠原蛋白的合成,促進細胞再生,癒合受損組織;保持肌膚健康,全方位改善皮膚外觀。有助激發老化、受損肌膚恢復年輕、健康狀態。 不可退貨 適合膚質 : 任何皮膚 /成熟性皮膚 產品成份 蘋果幹細胞,、B葡聚糖、鮭卵提取物、二勝肽、薊奶萃取物 温馨提示 初次用的時候,會有少少咭咭嗱嗱或刺痛的感覺, 這是正常現象, 是內裏的成份在更新角質層的反應, 又或是本身的皮膚乾涸的原因所導致, 若皮膚適應後, 這種反應就會慢慢的没有了,絕不是產品本身的問題. 若介意者, 請在下單前想清楚. 使用方法 於潔面後,將頸膜紙貼於頸上約15-20分鐘,再以清水沖洗。 注意 避免本產品直接觸及眼睛,如進入眼內,請立即以清水清洗。 避免兒童觸及此產品,外用忌食,請置放於陰涼處。 使用後有任何不適及敏感,請立即停止使用。 溫馨提示 請正確認識護膚品成效,護膚品不能替代藥品,不能治療皮膚病等疾病。關於產品使用成效, 由於個人膚質等多種因素影響,產品的成效亦因人而異,每人的使用亦體驗不同,故不能確保 每位消費者能達到一樣的成效。 C603119 Salmon roe TouteBeaute Neck Treatment Mask - 8 sheet Mask Descriptions It helps to protect the collagen micro-fibrils, rejuvenate aging skin, thus decreasing wrinkles and also lessen the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. Skin aging can be delayed due to the protection of the vital skin stem cells. The skin remains young longer and looks correspondingly better. Non-returnable Gentle Reminder : When using it for the first time, there will be a little bit tingling or tingling sensation. This is a normal phenomenon. It is the reaction of the inner ingredients in renewing the stratum corneum, or is it caused by the dry skin of its own, If the skin adapts, this reaction will gradually disappear, which is by no means “it is a problem with the product itself.” If you mind, please think clearly before placing an order. Suitable for all skin type / mature skin Ingredients Salmon Egg Extract, Malus Domestica Stem Cell Extract, Carnosine, Silymarin, SC Glucan Directions After cleansing, take out the mask and lift it onto the neck for around 15-20 minutes and remove mask, rinse off with water. Caution Avoid contact with eyes, if it does, please rinse out immediately. Keep out the reach of children. For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately. Store it in a cool place. Gentle Reminder Just remind to understand skin care products effectiveness. They cannot replace medicines to treat skin diseases and other diseases. Regarding the effectiveness of the product may varies from person to person, due to various factors such as personal skin quality and the experience of each person is different, so it cannot be guaranteed every consumer can achieve the same results.

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