laglacebeauty - 天然倒流香~老山檀香 -室內天然淨化空氣 –薰香觀煙香煙影倒流香 Natural Backflow Incense ~ Laoshan Sandalwood Incense--Indoor Natural Air Purification



天然觀煙香-倒流香 規格: 約42粒 燃燒時間長約8-10分鐘 (環境不同有所差異) 老山檀香, 天然檀香氣息, 清淡典雅, 香韻柔和 溫馨提示: 倒流香需要配合倒流香爈才能顯示最佳效果. 不可退貨 產地: 中國 注意事項 : 請置於兒童和寵物觸及不到的地方,外用忌食,及置放於陰涼處。 請確保在視線範圍內燃燒, 請遠離易燃物品. 嬰幼兒及孕婦請勿使用. 產品圖片只供參考, 一切以實物為準. 注意 請放在遠離兒童接觸不到的地方. 產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處。 Natural smoke incense-backflow incense Specification: about 42 pieces Burning time is about 8-10 minutes (burning time will be varied from different environment) Laoshan sandalwood, natural sandalwood scent, light and elegant, soft fragrance Non-returnable Reminder: Back-flow incense needs to use back-flow incense holder so as to show the best result. Country of Origin : China Warnings To prevent fire, burn the incense within sight and out of the reach of children and pets. Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Avoid their use for children, during pregnancy. Caution Keep out the reach of children For external use only Store it in a cool place. Product picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

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