laglacebeauty - 喜慶派對 Merry Christmas聖誕老人一次性蛋糕甜品三層 紙架 C8064-MCSCT / Festive Merry Christmas Santa Claus Three-Tier Disposable Cake Dessert Rack



C8064-MCSCT 第一層尺吋約15.7CM 第二層尺吋約23CM 第三層尺吋約30CM 總高度約39.5CM 不可退貨 產地: 中國 注意 請放在遠離兒童接觸不到的地方. 產品外用忌食 請將本產品置放於陰涼處。 圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。 C8064-MCSCT The first layer size is about 15.7CM The second layer size is about 23CM The Third layer size is about 30CM The total height is about 39.5CM Product picture is for reference only. Non-returnable Origin : China Caution Keep out the reach of children. For external use only Store it in a cool place.