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材質:鋁膜 尺吋55*83CM (大約) 規格: 1件 數量: 1個氣球 用途: 派對裝飾, 鋁膜是没有伸縮性的, 充氣至80%即可 不可退貨 產地: 中國 Material: aluminium foil Size 55*83CM (Approx) Specification: 1 piece Quantity: 1 balloon Usage: party decoration Product picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Non-returnable Country of Origin : China


    1. 找到充氣入口
    2. 插入打氣筒慢慢打氣
    3. 打至八分飽左右即可, 拉出打氣筒 氣球自動封口

鋁膜是沒有伸縮性的, 彈[生不大, 所有鋁膜氣球充氣至80%即可, 充氣過快, 或過多都會容易漏氣, 甚至爆裂
氣球屬消耗品, 我們沒有辦法保證沒有漏氣等問題, 若介意者, 下單前請考慮清楚。
鋁膜氣球不可水洗, 風吹暴曬, 拍打, 過分摩擦 接觸尖銳物體等。.
鋁膜氣球表面圖案是油墨印刷的. 新打開的氣球會有輕微的油墨味, 通風敞開後會慢慢消散。
未用的氣球請密封在陰涼處保存., 保存時應儘量平鋪折疊好, 切不可胡亂揉成一團。
氣球外觀的圖案是油墨印刷, 表面難免有細小雜色, 雜點。



Inflation step
1. Find the inflation inlet
2. Insert the push pump and pump up slowly
3. Pump to about 80% full; pull out the push pump to automatically seal

Gentle Reminder :
Aluminum foil is not stretchable. It is not very resilient. All aluminum foil balloons can only be inflated to 80%. If they are inflated too fast, or too much, they will easily leak or even burst.
Balloons are consumables. We cannot guarantee that there will be no air leaks. If you mind, please consider carefully before placing an order.
Aluminum foil balloons cannot be washed, exposed to the sun, beaten, rubbed excessively, or touched sharp objects.
The surface of the aluminum foil balloon is printed with ink. The newly opened balloon will have a slight ink smell, which will slowly dissipate when the air is opened.
Unused balloons should be sealed and stored in a cool place. When storing, they should be folded as flat as possible, and they should not be lumped together.
The appearance of the balloon is printed with ink, and the surface will inevitably have small variegated colors and dots.

Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broker balloons.
Adult supervision required.
Keep uninflated balloons from children.
Keep balloons away from eyes and face, the bursting of the balloon may cause injury.
Discard broken balloons at once.
For external use only
Store it in a cool place.